Sunday, 22 August 2010

Lauren Kate - Fallen

Once upon a time, a woman called Stephanie Meyer wrote a series of books about a girl who fell in love with a vampire. It was a wildly successful venture which led to her and her stories becoming a worldwide phenomenon. Four years later, Lauren Kate decided to write the same book.

Fallen is the first book I’ve read where I can use the description, ‘like Twilight, but....’ In this case, like Twilight, but angels instead of vampires. I will state now that this is the only difference between the two books. There are opposite characters for most of the main players in the Twilght books and Fallen even goes as far as ripping off a few set pieces. Daniel saves Luce from a falling statue from an impossible distance: Edward saves Bella from a car from an impossible distance. I wouldn’t know if it’s shameless copying, I would have to ask Lauren if she has read the books, but I expect she has at least a little knowledge of them.

So I’ve picked on the content, now for the writing. Not a lot happens over the 452 pages that’s worth mentioning. Luce goes to a school full of kids who’ve basically broken the law in horrible ways, yet the only bad thing that happens to her is having food put over her head on her first day. She immediately finds a friend who comes to her aid and after that, nothing bad happens to her at all. Except for not being able to decide which one of our superhuman boys is fittest. If I knew reform school was such a breeze, I would have broken the law a long time ago.

The place probably is a living hell, but the way Kate writes about it, you wouldn’t think it was. The writing is so uninvolved in the surroundings, it’s almost like she as an author only cares about Luce’s teenage drama issues and is prepared to have atmosphere and setting have no importance in order to have her main character drool over boys.

Now, how to get across the passage of time in a book is something I have studied and according to Fallen is something that Lauren Kate has no idea about. At one point it says that Luce had missed two months of classes. This is probably the worst use of hyperbole in published literature I have ever seen, especially when, later on, it says that two weeks had passed since Luce started at the school. Somewhere in the middle of this time warp, one of the main characters goes completely missing and when she reappears, there is no sign of a previous relationship between her and Luce. And missing classes at reform school, something that Luce does more than brushing her teeth, apparently carries no punishment.

The ending is the only interesting bit where stuff actually happens, unless you can count drooling as an activity, and she introduces about four new plot points which had not even been hinted at before. It’s confusing more than clever and it doesn’t keep the reader guessing, but more has them asking, ‘What the hell just happened?’

Lauren Kate has tried to do too much in the last 50 pages and spent the other 400 trying to be like Stephanie Meyer. She has another book scheduled for release next month where all will become clear. Or just get even more twisted and confusing.

I would recommend this book to... no one. The only people who would enjoy it are Twilight fans but they would more than likely be pissed off that someone had made cheap knock-offs out of their beloved Edward and Jacob.

Fallen by Lauren Kate was published by Tinderbox Books in 2009. RRP £6.99 (Paperback)


  1. OMG man.. I read this book and now i read you "blog" about it.. Did you even read the damn book?? To start with.. YES she missed 2 months of classes at sword and cross, BEFORE SHE STARTED!! It clearly notes that she's behind in class because she started in the middle of the term..
    You said as well that Daniel saved Luce from the falling angel statue, from an impossible distance.. He was standing right next to her, talking.. And if you didn't notice it the whole book was about her, trying to figure out who she is and what kind of connection she has with Daniel, as well as getting over old and new loss and trying to fit in.. And if you had actually read the damn book you'd know that she's in a lot of trouble all the time but all the angels and demons at that school's looking after her..
    It's nothing like Twilight at all.. It's closer to "Hush, Hush" in a way.. while hush, hush is more like twilight.. Twilight's to bright to even compare with Fallen..
    Stephenie Mayer just wrote a book.. Becca Fitzpatrick and Lauren Kate actually looked things up before they wrote their books.. You should do so too before commenting on stuff..

    1. Firstly, I would like to point out that every review is subjective. I didn't care too much for the book and chose to write about it. I've also read a few other reviews of the book; some people agree with me, others agree with your comments and both points of view are valid.
      The only two points I will address is:
      1. The time frame at the school - it's obviously been a long time since I read the book but I imagine this wasn't clear to me from the writing. However, Luce was enrolled 1 month after classes started, not 2, so either way she still missed a month's worth whilst being at the school (page 43).
      2. The statue. Re-reading this I do agree with you in terms of the positioning and so my wording it a little unfair. However, I will leave it as is because I wanted to highlight the point that the scenes are very similar.
      If you liked this book I would also recommend Evermore by Alyson Noel. Have you read that series?